Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kelly and the Dark Bird

Kelly Moore is at the top of my artist rating list, both for her art and words.  Her posts bring a smile to my face and a little reality and meaning back to my small, shallow existence.  Check her out: http://kellymoore.net/MOMMA_New_York_City.htm   I love this:

april 25th 2010

"i have been tould by educated artist
that i am dangerously close
to becoming a crappy folk artist
and not being
nearly "dangerous" enough to be
good contemptory art
so in order to show ms anne temkin just how
dangerous i am and i am letting her know
that i work in risky conditions at the flea market
where all sorts of varmits
that may or may not carry the plague (BLACK DEATH!!!)
routinely get into my shed
and crap all over everything....
therefore i am dangerous"    
excerpt taken from Kelly Moore's page

Miz Katie:  mizkatie.com  is another artist I love, she picture below-


cheers to you
Greg said her drink is called a Pink Pantie.
He looked it up online.
pink lemonade, Sprite, vodka.
Sounds yummy!
I must try it sometime soon.

I also love Mystele of Gut Art, a lovely person with video classes to suit anyone wanting to create and needing a little push.  I also love her art.  Upcoming classes are expected  for December/January.  Check her out at http://littleglimpsesstudio.ning.com/  

Suzi Blu is one of my favourites since I discovered her You Tube vids three or more years ago.  She offers great on-line classes and is a super fun, wacky person.  http://suziblu.typepad.com/

Tam at http://willowing.ning.com/ has a FREE five week online art course....week two is up, but there is plenty of time to join, the videos are expected to stay up for a while after the five weeks.  Tam is lovely, gentle and compassionate.

Gary Reef has a great art community at http://www.lovingmixedmedia.com/  I love Gary's stenciled art and video tutorials.  Has a great Halloweeny theme now. 

There are so many people who inspire me, these are a few.

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Open Door

The door opened revealing the sun drenched day outside. Inside the space was vast and black, the only stream of light came from the half open door above.  Silver lay motionless, stunned by the trickle of light penetrating her eyes causing her to wince.  In another place, another time, she might have seen the light as hope and devised a plan to escape.  Now she lay at the bottom of a seemingly dark pit and peered at the opening, her mind dulled by the trauma of her situation. Inch by inch she dragged herself forward, tearing her skin on the sharp gravel floor beneath her, beads of sweat dripped in her eyes.  The floor above her was gone, only fragments of what had existed jutted out from the edges.  She was indeed below ground level.  Her movements were slow and labored, though she moved, the door did not come closer.  Her fears intensified as she felt the weight of darkness and the taste of blood in her mouth.  Exhausted, cold and confused, she collapsed into a coiled heap in the dirt and stopped moving.

Days later Silver was found by a neighbour.  She lay curled in the darkest corner of her room, a trickle of sunlight touched her face.  Gentle Reader, I leave you with this, was there a door or had the door to her mind closed her off from the hope that comes from the light?  Without hope can one see a way out?  

Above is my little contribution in response to the photo, which refuses to appear here, on Magpie Tales.  I am no writer!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Blogging Resistance

Having semi created five or six blogs in as many years I find myself wondering if I will ever do it, blog.  My problem is no different from creating, of which I do little.  Instead I wander blog halls and alleys ooing and rring,  getting generally dispondent and totally stupid because my 'stuff" isn't like the 'stuff' I like.  Do I want cloned creations!?  Absolutely not!  Then why can't I accept my humble creations and be more accepting.  I think I need my midnight blog fix.